Fan Heaters type VLEx

Fan Heater type VLEx has been designed for Explosion Proof industrial applications.
Our Fan Heaters are characterized mainly by their quality, both in used materials and design.


VLEx fan heaters are for fix mounting (non-portable) and are ideal for use in classified zone 1 & 2, where high performance of heating is required. It has a very robust construction. The fan heater is made of materials able to withstand aggressive effects at sea, on offshore installations, in warehouses and for large manufacturing facilities. The fan provides an airflow/circulation and air heating for outdoor or indoor installation.


Cabinet and heater junction box: stainless steel AISI 316L
● d-enclosure: casted aluminium
● Heating elements: stainless steel AISI 316L, bright annealed

Technical Data

Voltage range:
● 3x400V, 3x440V, 3x480V and 3x690V
Temperature Class:
● T3 or T4
Degree of protection for fan motor:
● IP55
Degree of protection for heater junction box (e-enclosure) and d-enclosure:
● IP66
Integrated safety components
● TSHH, with manual outside reset to prevent overheating
● Overcurrent protection to prevent the motor to overheat
Cable glands
● Supplied with M32 cable glands for Ø17 – Ø26,3 cable
● Type: CMP
● Material: nickle plated brass
Lifting lugs
Supplied with lifting lugs to ensure safe working conditions during installation and maintenance.
● On/Off control with cirquit breaker
Ambient temperature:
● -25°C to +50°C
Storage temperature:
● -25°C to +50°C